Prizes & Awards

All students have the opportunity to win prizes and awards based on money donated as well as most laps run!

Prize Winners
Top Donating Classes: Mrs. Wegert’s 1st grade, Mrs. Longmire’s 1st grade, Mrs. Griffin’s 3rd grade

Congratulations to our top 10 donating students who won a lunch outing with Mrs. Milley & Mrs. MacArthur! *

Total Lap Winners
Top Class for Laps per Grade:
Kindergarten: Mrs. Wright
1st Grade: Mrs. Wegert
2nd Grade: Mrs. Messmer
3rd Grade: Mrs. Potts
4th Grade: Mrs. Church
5th Grade: Mrs. Sittenfeld
Top 2 Classes Most Laps (K-2nd & 3rd-5th):
Mrs. Messmer 2nd Grade & Mrs. Church 4th Grade

Congratulations to all our Top Lap Winners in each grade who won a special lunch with Mrs. Milley & Mrs. MacArthur! *

School Spirit Awards
Our top Spirit Classes are Mrs. Figueroa’s 2nd grade and Mrs. Goodman’s 4th grade! Both classes won a gift certificate to the book fair for their class library!

Prizes for Students
Minimum $5 donation receives a Secret Spy Invisible Ink Pen
$100 donation receives a LED Fidget Spinner
$200 donation receives a WME 9″ LED Spinning Frisbee

pens    fidget-spinner    frisbee

*WME PTO does not publish the individual names of students