Prizes & Awards


Congratulations to all the Wildcat students for reaching our goal and earning a Celebration Day on the WME field! We hope all students who made $100 and $200 donations received their prizes (below). Winning classes are below

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Total Laps Prizes
Top Class for Laps Per Grade:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Buckland
1st Grade: Mrs. Longmire
2nd Grade: Mrs. Messmer
3rd Grade: Mrs. Buckley
4th Grade: Mrs. Goodman
5th Grade: Ms. Neil

Golden Shoe Award (K-2nd): Mrs. West, 2nd grade
Golden Shoe Award (3rd-5th): Mrs. Buckley, 3rd grade

Spirit Award

Most Spirit (K-2nd): Mrs. Figueroa, 2nd grade
Runner-up: Mrs. Christensen, 2nd grade
Runner-up: Mrs. Kapp, Kindergarten

Most Spirit (3rd-5th): Mrs. Potts, 3rd grade

Top Donating Classes:

Mr. Moore, 5th grade
Mrs. Kapp, Kindergarten
Mrs. West, 2nd grade
Mrs. Potts, 3rd grade

Congratulations to all these classes for a job well done!